Bee & Wasp Control in Central Mississippi

Honey bees- The best form of action dealing with honey bees is to contact a bee keeper. Unless they are inside the home and a danger to you, honey bees are environmentally protected and need to be relocated.

Carpenter bees- like to dig holes in wood about an inch deep then go at a 90 degree angle for another 4 to 8 inches and lay eggs every inch with a wall separating them built from nectar and pollen. These bees do not digest the wood so the best control would be to paint the wood. Another DIY product to use would be WD-40. Green Leaf Pest Services could offer several treatment options from a borate treatment to the exposed wood, or dust inside the hole if damage is already done.

Wasp and Hornets- look similar. Hornets build nest wrapped with a paper like material and could reach sizes bigger than a basketball. The best way to treat Wasp, Hornets and Yellow jackets are early morning or late afternoon while the entire nest is there.

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