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Rodent Control in Central Mississippi

Norway rats- The most common of rats with brown fur and a rounded nose. 8-10 inches long without the tail and the tail being about the same size as the body. The Norwegian Rat is nocturnal, also they can swim and dig very well! Rats usually forage for food 25-100 ft. from their nest. Their sharp teeth help them go just about anywhere, rats are able the chew through cinder blocks and copper lines. The Norway rat is good at climbing up vertical walls and lines but not nearly as good as the Roof rat.

Roof rats- are very good at climbing. The best way to identify them without getting close would be by the nose coming to a point or the tail being much longer than the length of the body. The tail is used for balance while climbing and jumping. To control either of these rats a good inspection is important to allow you to clog access points with steel wool or copper mesh. Allow a few days to pass before another inspection to make sure the rat did not pull the mesh out or create another hole. If this does not work or you would rather a fast result contact a professional to apply bait inside a bait station only meant for rodents, to keep your pets and family safe from poison.

House mice- Unlike the rats, the mouse only travels 0-25 ft. from the nest to forage for food. Mice nest in large shrubbery in the hot months and can be found in attics when the temperature starts the drop. The house mouse can be found inside finding nesting material or getting protein for the nest. A mouse has an average of 8 to a litter. If you choose to go with poison and are worried about the smell, know first that there is nothing that controls where they die. The ingredient in mouse bait affects the nervous system and causes them to bleed from the inside, which makes them cold and thirsty. So the old myth is that bait makes them thirsty and they drink water then die is half true, half lie. The best scenario would be the bait giving the mouse flu like symptoms after ingested and go back to their nest and die, which then the others in the nest would eat the dead and digest the chemical also.

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