Pest Control Services in Central Mississippi

Termite Inspection & Treatment - Green Leaf Pest Services has the expertise to detect, treat and certify your home against termites.  Whether you are buying/building a home, or want to protect your family's most valuable asset, give us a call for all your termite needs.

Roach Control - Common household pests are unsightly and unsanitary. Green Leaf Pest Services can rid your home of roaches and protect it from further infiltration.

Spider Control - The professionals at Green Leaf Pest Services are the best at making your home an undesirable environment for spiders to thrive. Through targeting trouble spots and removing cozy hiding spots that spiders love to live, Green Leaf Pest Services can get your spider troubles under control.

Flea Control - If you have pets, you more than likely have fleas. Even if you don't have pets, your neighbors do. It is not uncommon for an entire neighborhood to suffer a flea epidemic.  Fleas reproduce at such great numbers, aggressive treatment is oftentimes necessary.

Mosquito Control - The mosquito is an effective vector for all kinds of viruses, like yellow fever and Zika.  The pros at Green Leaf Pest Services can treat for mosquitos, as well as complete mitigation measures to lower the mosquito population around your home.

Ant Control - Ants can ruin your picnic! Green Leaf Pest Services has the knowledge and the resources to bring these pesty creatures under control.

Rodent Control - You never know what is lurking behind your walls. Besides being unhealthy, mice and other rodents can do unseen damage to your homes infrastructure while nesting.  Green Leaf Pest Services can inspect your home and assist in the removal of unwanted visitors.

Bees & Wasps - Did you know that honey bees are environmentally protected? Did you know that because of different habitats, not all flying insects are treated the same? That's why it is important to have an expert like Green Leaf Pest Services assess your situation and recommend the best course of treatment to protect your family.

Insulation installation - Green Leaf Pest Services can provide you with a warm, cozy environment during the winter, and cooler days in the summer - all while saving you hundreds each year in utility expenses, by insulating your home from the weather.

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