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Bed Bug Control In Brandon, MS

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Protect Your Brandon Property With Professional Bed Bug Control

Brandon residents fear bed bug infestations as much as any other pests. These pests will hitchhike onto various objects, including luggage, bags, and purses, to travel with you. In most cases, you won’t realize you’ve obtained bed bugs until they're in your home.

Bed bugs don’t cause damage to buildings or spread illnesses to people, but their bites can cause sleep loss and anxiety. These symptoms can cause other problems, like depression and paranoia, making bed bugs among the most troublesome pests to invade your house.

Green Leaf Pest Services provides professional pest control for Brandon, MS, residents. Our focus is on customer service and timely resolutions for your pest problems. We provide a dedicated manager and tech for your account, ensuring you’ll work with the same people throughout the process. We guarantee our services and can deliver same-day support so you can get the help you need when you need it.

Call us today to learn how you can benefit from our bed bug control services.

How We’ll Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

It’s easy to pick up bed bugs on your travels and transport them into your home. These tiny pests are hard to see, can infest any building, and will attach to your luggage and clothes to join you on your journey. When you get home, they’ll spread to various rooms in your house. Despite their name, these pests aren’t only in beds. They typically stay within eight feet of where people rest so they can bite while you sleep, and are most often found in the following places:

  • Beds
  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Clothes
  • Curtains

Due to their size and hiding abilities, most people won’t realize bed bugs have infested their homes until they wake up with bed bug bites. By then, bed bugs might have spread and reproduced, worsening the infestation. You can avoid these problems by keeping your possessions off public floors while traveling, inspecting your hotel room, and vacuuming your luggage before bringing items into your house.

At Green Leaf Pest Services, we're the bed bug experts for Brandon and Rankin County. These pests hide in places that even your vacuum can’t reach, but our techs know how to find these bugs and use the most effective techniques to get them out of your house.

Our service begins with an inspection of your home to find bed bugs. We’ll take beds apart and remove light sockets to find potential hiding places. We know where bed bugs commonly hide, enabling us to find hiding spots you might not know about.

After inspecting your house, our techs will spray to treat existing bugs and use heat treatments to eliminate their eggs. We’re one of the few pest control companies that use the heat treatment method, ensuring quality service. We’ll ask you to remove any clothes from your washer and dryer so that we can use these machines to clean objects in rooms where we find bed bug signs. We might also ask you to complete some prep work before we arrive, but we prefer that most belongings remain where they are to avoid potentially spreading the problem.

Our treatments usually get rid of bed bugs in one visit. However, we’ll return 30 days later to reinspect your home and determine if it requires retreatment. We also include a six-month warranty with our bed bug control services and will return if the bugs do. After we rid your home of these annoying pests, we’ll discuss where you think you picked them up to avoid this problem in the future.

We offer bimonthly or quarterly recurring visits to recheck your home for pests. Bimonthly visits are more effective than quarterly visits and are our most popular plan. In addition to these inspections, we can return to service your home between visits. However, we won’t respray if the situation improves, as our products take time to work.

When you allow bed bugs to remain in your home, they’ll continue biting and reproducing. Eliminating these pests will make your house more comfortable. Call Green Leaf Pest Services today to remove bed bugs from your Brandon property.

Rid Your Home Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are easy to invite into your home but hard to eliminate. Our techs at Green Leaf Pest Services know how to find these insects and use the best bed bug treatments to get them out. Our process usually works in one visit, but we’ll return in 30 days to ensure success. We guarantee our bed bug service for six months and will return to eliminate the pests if they remain or return.

Green Leaf Pest Services provides the best home pest control in Brandon. Our experts know the various pests that invade local homes and are ready to answer your questions. Let us know if you see signs of bed bugs in your house so we can get them out.