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How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard And Gardens In Brandon

March 15, 2023 - Moles

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Every homeowner wants to own a healthy, thriving lawn. Unfortunately, certain pests can get in the way of that dream. Moles are a common problem in our area and are known for causing quite a bit of lawn and garden damage. In this article, we'll go over the reasons why controlling moles in your lawn is so challenging and the best way to get rid of these damaging pests.

For immediate assistance with your mole problems, turn to our professionals here at Green Leaf Pest Services. With over ten years in the pest management industry, we have what it takes to offer effective pest control in Brandon. Contact us today to find out how we handle pest problems of all shapes and sizes.

How To Tell If If It's Moles In Your Yard

Moles spend the majority of their lives underground, digging through the earth. This can make it challenging to identify when moles have moved onto your property. However, there are a few ways you can learn to identify moles in your yard, such as:

  • Raised lines or ridges of earth crisscrossing through the grass in your lawn, these "pathways" may become more complex over time
  • Mounds of soil that are volcano-shaped and show no signs of entry or exit holes
  • The soil in your yard, especially around ridges and mounds, feels spongy underfoot

At Green Leaf Pest Services, we understand how to control moles and the problems they cause. Learn more about our services when you contact us today.

Moles In Your Yard Can Create Many Problems

At first glance, moles might seem too small to cause many issues around your home. However, these pests can be quite destructive to your lawn and garden. Moles dig through the soil of your property in pursuit of prey, such as grubs. Unfortunately, this tunneling and digging behavior often leaves your lawn covered in unsightly runways or ridges.

The only way to remove moles from your Brandon property and keep them away is by implementing a professional mole control service from a trusted pest control provider like Green Leaf Pest Services. We work hard to solve all kinds of pest problems, no matter what you're dealing with. Reach out to us today to learn how we utilize effective mole control methods. 

Factors That Attract Moles To Your Yard

The biggest factor that attracts moles to properties is food. These underground pests eat grubs, earthworms, and other lawn insects. If your lawn is home to healthy soil, many of the grubs and bugs that moles eat will flourish there, creating a high probability that moles will move onto your property.

If moles start causing problems around your residential property, our Green Leaf Pest Services technicians can help get rid of them. High-quality mole pest control starts with reaching out to us today. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Mole Problem

Although every type of pest infestation poses unique issues, one thing that makes moles stand apart from other invading pests is that they're very challenging to prevent. However, with the help of Green Leaf Pest Services, moles won't be a problem for long. Our skilled technicians have the necessary experience to identify why moles are invading your property and how to get rid of them. We're committed to delivering high-quality home pest control solutions that will keep your Brandon property free of pests year-round.

Get in touch with Green Leaf Pest Services today for more details about our mole control services or to request a free inspection.