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Home Pest Control In Brandon, MS

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control For Your Brandon Home

Every home is subject to an occasional beetle, ant, or bee making its way inside. However, as soon as you start to notice signs of an infestation, it’s time to call a professional team for insect control. Here at Green Leaf Pest Services, we want to ensure your home can continue to be your haven, and that means eliminating pests that find themselves living in your home.

If you’re worried about the number of pests you’re seeing on a daily basis, check for the following signs that may indicate a problem:

  • Dirt and greasy buildup: Bugs love to leave a trail. Check around your doors, windows, and walls for grease or grime left behind.
  • Droppings and shed body parts: Doors, windows, and walls will be great places to check for droppings or things that pests might shed, such as wings, body parts, and skin.
  • Smells: Pests usually carry their food to be enjoyed in other areas of your home. If you notice a smell coming from somewhere you don’t expect, pests may be to blame.
  • Damage to fabrics: We’re sure you’ve heard that moths destroy fabric. Unfortunately, insects such as beetles and ants will do the same.

As a homeowner, you'll find that regular home maintenance offers peace of mind and prevents unnecessary frustration and damage. If you’re concerned about pests, Green Leaf Pest Services provides eco-friendly pest control in Brandon to protect your home from insects and other pests.

Our Home Pest Control

From the moment you contact Green Leaf Pest Services, we are committed to solving your pest problems. In fact, we’ll ask you during that initial conversation to send us photos so that we can diagnose the pest problems you’re having right away. If a full, on-site inspection is necessary, we will come to your home to perform it, but most times, we can determine what pest problems you’re experiencing and what treatment is needed, just by looking at the photos you send us.

Our treatments are designed to target your pest problems and provide protection from common pests that get into Brandon homes. We create a protective barrier around your house with a foundation spray that goes around the entire exterior perimeter of your home. We’ll knock down spider webs and wasp nests, place glue boards in garages, and use granular products for specific pests or if there are damp areas around your home that require treatment. On the interior, we’ll treat the baseboards in your house.

We care about your family’s health and safety, which is why we always start with eco-friendly treatments whenever possible. Our green products are mostly used around the exterior of your home and include essential oils, like peppermint, to protect your home from pests.

Our most popular follow-up services are performed every other month. Although quarterly re-services are also available, our bi-monthly treatment schedule is the most effective at preventing pests. Because our services are guaranteed, re-services between scheduled treatments are available. However, the products do take some time to work, so if you see the problem getting better, we recommend waiting before contacting us for an unscheduled re-treatment.

Our Home Pest Control Process


We can diagnose the pest problems you're having in your home right over the phone! We ask that you send us pictures of your concerns and we’ll diagnose your pest control issues using those photos. If a more in-depth look is required, we can perform an in-person inspection as well. By determining what pest problems you’re having before we visit your home, we can come to your house ready to treat it.


Our treatments are thorough and designed to deliver long-term results. We start by using eco-friendly products around the exterior of your house. We’ll treat the foundation of your house all around the perimeter. We’ll knock down webs and nests and place glue boards. Inside, we’ll apply a treatment to your baseboards. Our treatments are designed to target your pest problems and provide ongoing protection.


Follow-up services keep your home protected from pests in the coming months and years. Our most popular follow-up plan includes re-services that take place every other month. This is the most effective schedule to prevent pests. We also offer quarterly services for those who prefer to have their services spaced out. Because our services are guaranteed, free re-services between scheduled visits are available if necessary.

Our Other Home Pest Control Services

If a specific pest is causing issues around your house, we can take care of it for you! Some pests don’t respond to the same treatments that are effective against other pests. If you have bed bugs or termites in your house, you’ll need treatments that are designed specifically for those pests. We also offer insulation services. Learn more about our additional home pest control services below and by visiting our Service Pages section.

Bed Bug Control

Green Leaf Pest Services is one of the only pest control companies in the area to use heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs. Heat treatments are one of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs because they can eliminate the eggs that are often unaffected by product application. Learn more about our bed bug control methods here.

Insulation Services

Pests often get into your home through your attic. What if there was a way to prevent them from getting into your home in this way, while also making your house warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, more energy-efficient, and better able to block outside noise? All of that is possible with our insulation services! Find out more here.

Termite Control

Termites wreak havoc on homes in the Brandon area by eating through wood. This creates tunnels and weakens the structural elements of your home over time. To protect your house from termites, you should have regular termite inspections performed. This will help you identify a termite infestation as early as possible so that the right steps can be taken to eliminate the problem. Learn more about our termite control methods here.

Let Green Leaf Pest Services Provide You With Peace Of Mind

A pest infestation makes your house uncomfortable, unsafe, and unhealthy, and it also affects your peace of mind. To protect your family, you need a home that is pest-free, and to have a home that is pest-free, you need Green Leaf Pest Services. We provide pest control that focuses on customer service and long-term results so that your pest problems become a thing of the past. Using eco-friendly methods and products, we care about the safety of your family and are committed to delivering the services you need. Contact us today and we’ll get you on your way to a pest-free home.